A screen with a better view — that’s a tagline fit for the Samsung Galaxy A10. This smartphone boasts versatility in terms of its visual prowess. Whether you’re planning to utilize it for watching movies or for playing games the Samsung Galaxy A10 is your best bet.

But there’s more to it than just stunning visuals. It’s got top-notch camera technology for you to capture moments of your memory and forever cherish them. It’s got battery power to get you through the day and interfaces plus functionalities that stand out above the crowd.

Here is our Samsung galaxy A10 specs rundown to help you decide whether this unit is the right smartphone for you.

Samsung A10 Design

Right off the bat, let’s talk about how the Samsung A10 is designed. The glossy finish of the plastic construction of this smartphone extends right up to its sides. This makes the phone smooth to hold and has a nice feel to it but that’s also because of its unibody design and round edges. This design though incurs a lot of smudges and fingerprints but nothing a little bit of wiping and disinfecting it at the same time can help.

Right at the rear is its camera with an LED flash right underneath it. A few centimeters down its rear is it speakers but to be honest, they could’ve placed it somewhere else for we tend to cover it with our hands when we hold it.

That’s not going to do any good when you’re listening to music or maybe putting someone on speakerphone. The power button as well as the volume rocker are then situated on its right side. The buttons are relatively easy to press or click and are quite responsive.

On its left side is your dual sim tray plus the dedicated slot for your external Micro SD. And lastly, right at the bottom is where you’d find the micro USB port built for all purposes it serves, the microphone, and the 3.5mm jack for your headphones. The design ain’t that far from your conventional smartphone or Samsung phone in general and it’s something that you can get used to right on the get-go.

Samsung A10 Software and UI

Moving on to our Samsung galaxy A10 specs rundown, let’s talk about this smartphone’s software and user interface.

The platform of this smartphone is One UI 1.1 built on top of the Android 9 Pie operating system. You need to swipe from the bottom of the screen if you want to access the apps as they will then display in a drawer like the style.

Remember that the OneUI system has its very own dedicated Night-Mode that’s system-wide so you can add that aspect to the list of the cool features of this phone. Just access the system settings and you can switch into a darker mode real quick.

Aside from the usual Google applications this unit also contains some Microsoft apps too that’s preinstalled. There are other third-party apps too like of course, Facebook and then Spotify.

The interface looks neat and organized and nothing innovative which in a way what most users would need there won’t be a lot of confusion or learning curve since UI’s are meant to be easy to understand and user-friendly, to begin with.

Samsung A10 Android 10 and security update will be launched soon. Also, we expect this latest update to include Android 10 and One UI 2.0 updates. One UI 2.0 also makes a ton of user interface developments and changes some features. We hope this update improves the new UI, full-screen gestures, camera, battery performers and Fixes some Bugs.

Samsung A10 Display and Storage

The next stop on our Samsung galaxy A10 specs rundown is the bread and butter of this unit, its display. But before that let’s quickly talk about its storage first. This phone offers 32GB of internal storage and about 24GB should be usable.

Should you need additional storage then you can augment your phone’s capacity through the Micro SD component which can accommodate a maximum of 512GB.

Now, let’s talk about the display. The Samsung Galaxy A10’s screen is 6.2 inches and its notch completing its Infinity-V display look. This V-shaped notch is just slightly larger than on other units. This unit’s bezels are also pretty slim right at the sides but get a bit thicker once it gets into the chin area. The A10’s resolution is 1520 x 720 and this unit exhibits superb and vibrant colors plus deep blacks that anyone would surely appreciate. The brightness setting is also a bit higher and provides better contrast than your average smartphone and you can see well under direct sunlight even if it would just be at 50% brightness.

Samsung A10 Back and Rear Camera

The rear camera sits at the upper right corner of this phone and is 13 megapixels. Right at the front on the V-shaped notch sits the front camera at 5 megapixels. The latter does not have a beauty mode for selfies but you can always download a third-party app for it of course. Plus the front camera has decent quality so there’s nothing to fret about.

The single shooter right at the back produces pretty impressive photos if you’d ask us. Pretty accurate colors arise should you have favorable lighting conditions with adequate light. It’s got a 2x digital zoom that captures details like a pro camera. You can record videos of up to 1080p with this camera too with good colors and not enough shaking to discourage the videographer from you. Obviously, the cameras on this phone are one of its highlights and it’s a good thing that the brand has always invested in this aspect.

For one, most of the time, cameras are deal breakers for buyers as bad camera quality can put customers off especially since everything nowadays is captured using a smartphone may it be photos or videos.

Samsung A10 Battery Performance

With the smartphone becoming like a mini-computer for most users nowadays, it’s no surprise that consumers adore a unit with a lot of battery life. The Samsung Galaxy A10 runs on a battery with 3400mAh which is a Li-ion Type. On mobile, the screen lasts about 13 hours or gives a few more minutes.

But another intensive test proved that it can run for about 15 hours before it completely shut down. The battery can be charged for about 2 hours before it is good to go again with full battery power.

That’s decent battery life given the fact that smartphones nowadays run all sorts of apps for streaming and video calls and anything you can do on the internet. And charging a phone once a day should not be a bother for anyone.

Samsung Galaxy A10 features

Let’s talk about the rest of the features as the last section for our Samsung galaxy A10 specs rundown.

Nowadays, a smartphone’s capacity to connect especially on the internet can be everything. So when it comes to connectivity this smartphone employs the usual 4G LTE, Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth.

This unit also has a gyroscope sensor so you can enjoy games that are AR reliant as Pokemon Go and the likes whenever you want to. Apps like Waze and also Google Maps are easy to utilize with this feature.

This unit also features a face unlock and the usual passcode or pattern lock but the former is a bit slow to work so expect that there would be some issues along the way should you want to utilize it.

The Samsung Galaxy A10 works pretty well when running intensive games too with just a little bit of an increase in its temperature as you run them even in the highest possible setting with only a little bit of delay or lag.

Overall, the OneUI is designed to help the hardware component of this smartphone to work well with its software counterpart. The phone’s audio quality though can use some improvement and is probably the weakest link of all its features. First of all, as we mentioned above, it’s not situated in the right place and while it’s got pretty loud audio the sound comes out a bit distorted. Also, it can get muffled because of its placement. It runs under an Exynos 7884 chipset, an Octa-Core CPU and the Mali-G71 MP2 GPU with a maximum of 4GB of RAM. It’s got FM radio and comes in blue, black, red, and gold colors.

Samsung A10 Verdict

Overall, you get what you’d expect from a Samsung flagship smartphone and more. Superb visuals on a decent-sized screen, great camera quality, decent battery life, and the coveted Night-Mode system.

It’s not the most innovative of the smartphones out there but rest assured that you’d get your money’s worth should you decide to invest in it.

No regrets and maximum durability plus reliability with the Samsung Galaxy A10 Specs.