It is said that the iQOO Neo 7 will have a better AMOLED display and will also have better sound features.

This device is different from the iQOO Neo 3 because of its improved specifications like the display and sound. The 5kHz audio input frequency also makes it stand out among other smartwatches and has a much better sound quality than other devices.

The iQOO Neo 7 will solely be available in China, but the release date is yet unknown.

iQOO Neo 7 feature a better AMOLED display
iQOO Neo 7

iQOO Neo 7 will feature a better AMOLED display with richer colors and higher refresh rates.

The iQOO Neo 7 device is expected to have a new material, referred to as the “Neo 7”. The iQOO Neo 7 device is expected to be lighter than its predecessor and will be made up of the same materials as the upcoming iPhone.

vivo is doing everything to keep its iQOO Neo 7 momentum going. The company plans on releasing a new gadget, iQOO Neo 7, with a better screen. The phone will feature an AMOLED display which is said to have better color accuracy and less blue light emission.