How to reset APPLE iPhone 12 Pro Max? if your smartphone works exceptionally sluggish, it hangs, you need to sidestep the screen lock. You can do a hard reset so it gets back to resemble the first day. As a result, your Apple A14 Bionic center will run quicker. In the following step, we disclose how to arrange the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max to eradicate all your data and make it thoroughly wipe as it emerged from the store

Following the method step by step:

Step No 01: open your APPLE iPhone 12 Pro Max with the Side button.

Step No 02: go to the Settings of the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Step No 03: Select the “General” menu on your Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (Settings ➡General)

Step No 04: find the “Reset” menu. (Settings ➡General➡ Reset)

Step No 05: in the “Reset” menu find “Erase All Content and Settings” and click on this option. (Settings ➡General➡Reset ➡ Erase All Content and Settings)

Step No 06: should see a warning message to confirm. enter your passcode